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    We are Rejoice™ one of the best hair transplant clinics in India. We provide treatment for all types of hair loss and baldness. Reclaim your life with world-class services of hair transplant in India.

    Hair Transplant in Mumbai
    Hair Transplant in Mumbai
  • Top-notch transplant techniques

    We provide top-notch transplant techniques for hair transplant. Bio-FUT, Direct-FUE, BCEB Rejoice™, SMP, Rejoice™ ns-FUE and more. All procedures performed by the best transplant doctors in India.

    Hair Transplant in Mumbai
    Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice hair transplant is a well-known hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. Due to their years of efforts and quality hair transplant, We are highlight as best hair transplant in Mumbai.

What is hair transplant

Hair transplant is the only permanent solution to baldness and hair loss. It′s the single best investment that you can make.

Before understanding hair transplant, we must understand hair from a scientific viewpoint.

  • Keratin, a type of protein is the basic component of hair.
  • There are many layers of keratin on the outside of a hair.
  • A hair follicular unit is a group of hair cells. We have about 100,000 follicular units on our scalp.
  • We lose 50–100 hair everyday. When we start losing more than that, it’s a symptom of baldness.

The most common type of baldness is male-pattern baldness. Scientists call it androgenetic alopecia. Here andro is short for androgens, male hormones present in both men and women. Genetic means caused by genes, and alopecia is a Greek word for “hair loss”.

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As you can see, in male-pattern baldness, you only lose the hair on top of your head. Hair on side and back of your head don’t fall out because of they aren’t effected by DHT. DHT is an androgen responsible for hair loss.

So we take this hair from back and side of your head and transplant it on bald areas. Once transplanted, this hair keeps growing for lifetime.

We use techniques like.

  • Bio-FUT
  • Direct-FUE
  • Direct-BHT
  • BCEB Rejoice™
  • Rejoice™ ns-FUE

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Our - Goal

We want you to stop living in fear and embarrassment. We want to put an end to hair loss and baldness. You are one beautiful human being. We bring your beauty back to you.

  • 2500 Hair Transplants
  • 5 Million Grafts

This is Rejoice™. Your partner in hair care.

Transplanted hair look and grow like your natural hair.

If hair loss is minimal, you can try prescription medications to prevent it. Once it starts affecting your appearance you should have hair transplant. Know about different techniques on our Techniques page. Choose yourself or let one of our doctors decide which one is best for you.

Hair Transplant Process

  • First step

  • Second step

    Strip is removed from donor area which is than Sutured back together.

  • Third step

    Donor strip is than divided into follicular unit grafts and possibly larger micro or maxi grafts.

  • Fourth step

    Hair grafts are then implanted into recipiecnt incisions in the hair loss affected area. after 10 - 14 days, newly implanted grafts will scab as they heal and then fall out.

  • Fifth step

    New hair will start to grow where the grafts were implanted in 3 to 6 month.

You can send us some photos of your head. These photos will give us some idea about the grade of baldness and quality of hair.

Then you can have a meeting with our doctors. This meeting will give you accurate information about - condition of your hair

thickness and density of donor areas (head, chest, beard, hands, legs)

number of grafts required (with German grid)

medical conditions like Seborrheic dermatitis, Dandruff, Scalp psoriasis, Alopecia areata.

We discuss everything with you — techniques, anaesthesia, time it’s going to take, and possible side-effects. Once you feel comfortable with the procedure, we can start the process.

Side Effects of Hair Transplant - There are minimal side effects of hair transplant. Side-effects only happen when the surgeon is inexperienced. Our experienced doctors have done more than 2500 transplants in last 13 years. So you need not to worry about anything.

We welcome you to Rejoice™.

Consult. Explore. Visit our clinics for hair transplant in Mumbai. and Bangalore.

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