Hair Transplant in Mumbai
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    We are Rejoice™ one of the best hair transplant clinics in India. We provide treatment for all types of hair loss and baldness. Reclaim your life with world-class services of hair transplant in India.

    Hair Transplant in Mumbai
    Hair Transplant in Mumbai
  • Top-notch transplant techniques

    We provide top-notch transplant techniques for hair transplant. Bio-FUT, Direct-FUE, BCEB Rejoice™, SMP, Rejoice™ ns-FUE and more. All procedures performed by the best transplant doctors in India.

    Hair Transplant in Mumbai
    Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hair Transplant in Mumbai - we constantly endeavour to bring the latest hair transplant techniques and technologies,

Rejoice™ Bio-FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction).

What is Bio-FUT?

Bio - Follicular Unit Transplantation (Bio-FUT) is an enhanced version of generic FUT at Rejoice™. Both of these techniques utilize transplant of follicular units. These units are naturally occurring groups of 1–4 hair. An experienced surgeon can transplant thousands of grafts in a single session. Bio-FUT hair grows and looks like natural hair.

Bio-FUT process

The Bio-FUT process starts with applying anesthesia using Rejoice™ Near Zero Pain. This makes the procedure almost painless. We then extract a strip from the donor area (side and back of your head). We can determine the appropriate length and width of donor strip using trichoscan. This strip contains the roots of hair that are permanent and never fall out.

After extracting we cover up the area with surgical stitching. We use the most advanced trichophytic closure techniques to reduce the linear scar.

After that, we cut the strip into grafts of follicular units using microscopic dissection. A special care goes into isolating units from donor strip. Because the growth is greatest when we keep the units intact. Intact units also give you a more natural group of 1–4 hair. Till the transplant, we keep the grafts in [BCEB™ Fluid].

At the same time, other members of team Rejoice™ prepare the recipient sites. Recipient sites are tiny microscopic holes in the scalp. We make those tiny holes with the help of cutting-edge medical equipment. At last, we place the grafts on recipient sites.

An expert surgeon handles the procedure with accurate positioning of grafts at proper angles. So the transplanted hair look natural. The fine-tuning that goes into the process is mind-boggling. So Dr. Sawant is personally involved in every stage of treatment.

Pros and cons

Bio-FUT is an advanced hair transplant technique. We can harvest and transplant more grafts per session than any other technique. We don’t need to trim the hair like we have to in Direct-FUE technique. But there are two downsides to this technique:

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Hair Transplant Cost

We can’t predict the cost of hair transplant without evaluating your baldness. We suggest you send us some photos of your bald areas so that we can assist you.

Dr. Shankar Sawant in Media

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai

    First step

    Donor area The strip the grafts are taken from this.

  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai

    Second step

    three to four hair graft for vertex and crown area two or three hair graft for behind the hairline. single hair grafts for the hairline.

  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai

    Third step

    These grafts are carefully placed in with a special instrument.

  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai

    Fourth step

    Recepient area.

  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai

    Fifth step

    The strip is removed and the vacancy is suttured closed than the hair that is taped above covers the stitches.

  • Donor area can take 10–15 days to heal.
  • It leaves a permanent scar on the donor area. This scar is only visible when you have a shaved head.

Post-op care

After the treatment, we hand you an instruction manual. In that we have described everything about how to take care of yourself post-op. You can have your medical stitches removed two weeks after the treatment. In case of outstation people, we use dissolvable stitches. These stitches dissolve within 2 weeks.

Further readings:

Generic FUT Wikipedia article: Follicular unit transplantation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dr. Robert M. Bernstein and Dr. William Rassman’s paper: Follicular Unit Transplantation

Rejoice™ Direct-FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Follicular Unit Extraction is a new technique in hair transplant world. We use a refined method of FUE at Rejoice™ called Direct-FUE. In this technique we pick and transplant individual follicular units, one-by-one. There’s no time gap between the extraction and transplant. So we get an amazing 20–25% increase in growth rate.

Direct-FUE leaves no scars post-op. And there’s minimal discomfort in the process. Anyone who can have Bio-FUT, is also eligible to have Direct-FUE.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

The Most Advanced Technique Today.

Follicular units are removed one at a time using Minimally Invasive Technique.

You like short hair? Or do more physical work? Go for Direct-FUE.

Direct-FUE process

We make a small incision around a follicular unit using specialized medical equipment. After separating it from tissue, we pick it up and place on the recipient site. This is the basic difference between Bio-FUT and Direct - FUE. In Bio-FUT we take a strip and then cut it into follicular units. Here we are picking up individual follicular units straight from hair tissues. And this is what extraction means here.

As you can imagine, picking several thousand grafts one-by-one can take 3–4 hours. So this technique requires more time than Bio-FUT.

Extracting follicular units from the donor area leaves tiny wounds behind. These tiny wounds sized about 1 mm heal within 8–10 days. These scars are so tiny that they are almost undetectable.

Words of caution: Never have Direct-FUE performed by an inexperienced surgeon. You may get your precious hair follicles damaged. If you have decided to go Direct-FUE way, choose an experienced team. At Rejoice™, our experienced surgeons perform Direct-FUE with intensive care.

Pros and cons

If you don’t like taking whole strip from the donor area, you can have Direct-FUE. Though keep in mind, Direct - FUE requires more donor area than Bio-FUT.

There are many advantages of Direct-FUE. First, there are no scars, and no medical stitching. Athletes and people who do more physical work can resume their work after 1 week. Also, there’s minimal discomfort in the donor area post-op.

Though you should know something about Direct-FUE:

  • It requires more time than Bio-FUT.
  • It is more expensive than Bio-FUT.

You already know the reason for both. Our surgeons extract and transplant every single hair follicle one-byone. So it requires more time, discipline, patience, and extra care. But when you consider its advantages, it’s worth every single rupee you pay

Post-op care

After we complete the treatment, we hand you an instructional manual. In that we’ve described everything about your post-op care. From shampooing your hair to a balanced diet, we suggest what we think is good for you.

Further readings:

Dr. William RassmanandDr. Robert M. Bernstein’s paper: Follicular Unit Extraction: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hair Transplantation

Generic FUE on Wikipedia: Follicular unit extraction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[FUT vs. FUE Treatments] on YouTube: Learn about FUT (Strip Method) vs. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) treatments from hair transplant

Rejoice™Direct-BHT (Body Hair Transplant)

Direct Body Hair Transplant or Direct-BHT is one of our special techniques. In development of Direct-BHT, we worked on generic FUE and improved it. In this technique we use body hair in combination with scalp hair in transplant. This gives us full coverage in case of extreme baldness. We can also use this technique to give Pros and cons Post-op care Rejoice™ Direct-BHT (Body Hair Transplant) you more pleasing hairlines and eyebrows.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

There could be many case scenarios when we want to take Direct-BHT approach for you:

You don’t have enough donor area on your scalp.

You already have gone through hair transplant yet you still have bald areas left.

You need hair transplant in other areas like eyebrows, beard, mustache, and sideburns.

Direct-BHT Process

The transplant process is the same as Direct-FUE. The only difference is donor area. In Direct-FUE all the donor area is on the scalp. In Direct-BHT donor area can be anywhere on the body.

So the process goes something like this - we extract grafts from donor areas and transplant on desired areas. There’s no time lag between extraction and transplant. You can have 2000–2500 graft transplants per session.

Pros and cons

Direct-BHT is a breakthrough technique. This could be a lifesaver for your transplant when you don’t have enough donor supply. Though you need to understand two things about Direct-BHT:

Body hair occurs as one single follicular unit. Unlike scalp hair, which occurs as a group of 2–4 hair. So extra steps go into the extraction and transplant for the same area. Which increases time and cost.

Body hair doesn’t grow to the same length as scalp hair. So you may need to adopt a short hairstyle. New research in this field indicates that body hair can also grow as fast as scalp hair.

Further readings:

Ray Wood’s research : Chest hair micro-grafts display extended growth in scalp tissue: a case report

Arvind Poswal’s paper: Body hair transplant: An additional source of donor hair in hair restoration surgery Poswal A - Indian J Dermatol.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice™ FHT (Facial Hair Transplant), Eyebrows transplant, Beard transplant, Mustache transplant, Sideburns transplant, Eyelash transplant.

Facial Hair Transplant or FHT consists of:

FHT beautifies you. If certain spots on your face lack hair and put a dent on your appearance, get FHT. It’s sort of enhancement to your personality. A few years back only models and movie stars used FHT. These days FHT prices are at all time low, so anyone can take its benefits.

FHT process

Face is the most important part of our body. So it needs special care. We apply anesthesia with special techniques. After extracting hair from the donor area, we perform transplants with specialized equipment. Performing FHT demands precise angulation and patience.

Our FHT-special surgeons make sure that the results look natural. Before having FHT, we provide you with every detail related to the procedure.

Pros and cons

As we said, FHT enhances your appearance. It may not be crucial, but when lack of hair starts to look odd on your face, we recommend getting it. There are no adverse effects to this procedure. One thing though, it’s more expensive than any other transplants.

Rejoice™ SHL (Special Hair Line)

Special Hair Line (SHL) is our most special service. A great hairline makes a great first impression. It’s the first thing we notice when we look at someone’s hair. In Special Hair Line (SHL) we craft a hairline that compliments your face. Who doesn’t want a great hairline like this:

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

A good hairline is what separates a good transplant from a mediocre one. At Rejoice™, we craft your hairline with great precision. It is part science, part craft. It’s the finishing touch. And we are the masters at that.

SHL process

Before we start working on hairline, we analyze your face and features. The shape of your face is the deciding factor in the SHL. Take a look at this diagram, this will make you better understand the shape of your face.

  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai


  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai


  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai


  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai


  • Hair Transplant in Mumbai


We will help you choose the best hairline style. After your decision we start making hairline with unique Differentiated Density Technique. This gives your forehead a natural look. In the last, we cover forelock using Rejoice™ Dense Packing.

As we said, it’s the finishing touch. We give you a hairline that makes you look special. A good hairline complements a good hair transplant. At Rejoice™, we spend extra time crafting it to perfection. And believe us, it’s worth it.

Rejoice™ PEPT (Platelet Enriched Plasma Therapy)

Platelet Enriched Plasma Therapy or PEPT is a medical application of generic PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). PEPT’s primary goal is to activate implanted and inactive hair follicles. Few of it benefits:

  • PEPT can stimulate follicular stem cells to produce new hair follicles
  • It can increase the diameter of existing hair follicles
  • It can prevent further hair loss by increasing blood circulation
Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice™ PEPT

There are four components of blood: Plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Plasma is a pale-yellow liquid component of blood which contains other components.

Like any other blood testing, your blood is drawn in our clinic. Our doctors separate plasma from the blood, and make a plasma-rich concentrate. This fluid contains five times more plasma than normal blood.

After applying a topical anesthetic, we use a special device to stimulate scalp dermis. This stimulation causes micro-trauma to the dermis that activates other repair cells. Just a moment after, we inject the plasma into the scalp.

Some of PEPT growth factors and their benefits:

Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)—promote blood vessel formation

Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-b)—promote cell formation and differentiation

Fibroblast growth factors (FGFs)—key players in cell and tissue formation

Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF–1)—stimulate systematic cell growth in every part of body

Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)—restore oxygen supply to tissues when blood circulation is deficient

Epidermal growth factor (EGF)—promote cell generation and have healing effects

Pros and cons

Generic PRP is quite famous for its applications in sports and beauty. Because doctors prepare plasma from your own blood, this technique has no side-effects.

You may need multiple sessions for your desired results. We recommend at least three session for better results.

Further readings:

Li ZJ et al: Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma: A Potential Therapeutic Tool for Promoting Hair Growth - Li - 2012 - Dermatologic Surgery - Wiley Online Library

How doctors prepare generic PRP on YouTube : A safe and ecomonic method for preparing PRP (platelet PEPT process Pros and cons rich plasma) - YouTube

Rejoice™ SMP (Scalp Micro-pigmentation)

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation or SMP is a creative technique to mask your bald area. In this technique, we use organic tattoo pigments to mimic individual hair follicles. This gives you an appearance of close shaved head. We can use this technique in following conditions:

  • Hairline receding
  • Crown balding
  • Extreme hair loss
  • Alopecia

SMP is fit for almost all ages, colors and skin types. You can have yourself evaluated so we can guide you through the process.

Benefits of SMP:

  • Gives you youthful look
  • Masks your hair loss
  • Masks burns, birthmarks, and scars
  • Restores your hairline
Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice™ SMP

SMP is more creative than it is scientific. We use specialized tattoo pigments and apply it to your scalp at epidermal level. Epidermal level is the outermost layer of cells in your skin. We determine spacing by analyzing remaining hair follicles. This helps us to replicate the natural appearance of your scalp.

  • Organic
  • Low in metal content
  • Placed in microdots
  • Evenly spaced to mimic natural hair strands

Whole process should take 5–6 hours. There’s minimal discomfort in the process.

Post-op care

Because SMP is non-surgical process, so it needs no extra care. But we want you to know that there are some limitations to this technique:

  • You will need touch-ups as tattoo pigment can change its color over time
  • There may be diffusion in surrounding skin
  • You may need further pigments to cover extra hair loss

SMP is an incredible technique. If you don’t want to go for surgical procedures and like close shaved look, you can go for SMP. You can consult our doctors for further guidance

Further readings:

Micro-pigmentation as an Adjuvant in Cosmetic Surgery of the Scalp - Md - 2008 - Dermatologic Surgery - Wiley Online Library

Micro-pigmentation: Tattooing for Medical Purposes - Geeta Garg MD - 2006 - Dermatologic Surgery - Wiley Online Library

Research at Rejoice™

Rejoice™ Fusion

Our two top notch techniques - Bio-FUT and Direct-FUE, both yield great results. Bio-FUT gives you 3000 grafts while Direct-FUE can give upto 4000 grafts per session. But there are circumstances when you want more than that.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai


We’ve invented a new technique that can provide you up to 7000 grafts within two weeks. We call it Rejoice™ Fusion because it’s a fusion between Bio-FUT and Direct-FUE. We will take three sessions to complete the procedure. This process has several benefits:

  • No adverse effects on donor area
  • Up to 7000 grafts yield
  • Extreme baldness covered under single procedure, saves you money and time
  • We can also use BHT when you don’t have enough donor area on scalp.

Rejoice™ Near Zero Pain

Is painless surgery possible? The answer is yes. It is possible to reduce operative pain to negligible or none. Hair transplant surgery at Rejoice™ is devoid of any pain.

We have developed a proprietary technique for hair transplant procedure. This technique reduces the amount of pain felt during transplant to zero.

During a transplant, you can sit back and relax. Listen to music or watch your favorite movie while our docs do their thing.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice™ BCEB

In this technique, we keep the grafts in a special fluid extracted from your blood. This provides a natural environment for grafts. Plus this fluid improves hair regrowth by 5–15% rate.

Rejoice™ ns-FUE (no-shave FUE)

ns-FUE or no shave-FUE is a Rejoice™ proprietary technique. We are the first hair restore clinic in India to offer this type of technique. In this transplant technique there’s no need to shave the donor or recipient area.

This technique is a dream come true for people who have a tight schedule. This technique take advantage of Direct-FUE and generic FUE. As with other transplant techniques, there are no side-effects.

If you have a type pf career where you can’t have your head shaved, ns-FUE is the way to go. You can have many sessions for desired results.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice™ ns - FUE

Rejoice™ LHT (Long Hair Transplant)

Rejoice™ LHT or Long Hair Transplant is a cut to the chase approach to hair transplant. When you can’t afford to wait to see your transplanted hair grow, we suggest you get LHT.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice™ LHT

Rejoice™ LHT is a specialized form of Bio-FUT and generic FUT. In this technique, you get to see you transplanted hair right after the procedure.

If you don’t have time for general hair transplant procedures, you can contact us. We will guide you through every step of LHT.

Rejoice™ Stem Cell Research

Stem cell multiplication is the hottest topic in the scientific world today. And for good, as stem cells have the ability to transform medical world.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are a special type of cells. These cells can regenerate and differentiate into other type of cells and tissues. And one day we would be able to regenerate an entire organ. This could be a boon for treating various kind of diseases and abnormalities.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Rejoice™ Stem Cell Research

This also gives us hope for hair regrowth. We have tied up with the top scientists and research labs in India. Our doctors are working with the researchers in the stem cell development.

We will keep you updated with the current research on our social feeds. You can join us on our Facebook page - Rejoice™ Hair Transplant. Follow us on Twitter - RejoiceHT (@RejoiceHT) | Twitter

Further readings:

PLOS Biology: Macrophages Contribute to the Cyclic Activation of Adult Hair Follicle Stem Cells.

TEDed presentation - What are stem cells? - Craig A. Kohn - YouTube

BBC episode - How Do Stem Cells Work? - Bang Goes the Theory - BBC - YouTube

Out thoughts on Biofibre / Nido

Biofibre is an artificial hair that people use as an alternative to hair transplant. FDA has banned these types of products, yet Biofibre and Nido are still in market. People either are misguided or don’t know the side affects of these products. FDA banned these products because they may cause:

  • recurring infections because of the use of artificial hair
  • frequent allergic reaction leading to severe contact dermatitis
  • cicatricial alopecia
  • cancer because of possible carcinogenicity
  • cyst formation

We strongly suggest that before using such products, know all about them. In this age when Google is only a click away, you shouldn’t take risks.

Further readings:

Venkataram Mysore’s paper on NCBI: Controversy: Synthetic Hairs and their Role in Hair Restoration?

Stay healthy, stay happy

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