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    We are Rejoice™ one of the best hair transplant clinics in India. We provide treatment for all types of hair loss and baldness. Reclaim your life with world-class services of hair transplant in India.

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    We provide top-notch transplant techniques for hair transplant. Bio-FUT, Direct-FUE, BCEB Rejoice™, SMP, Rejoice™ ns-FUE and more. All procedures performed by the best transplant doctors in India.


We welcome you to Rejoice™.

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We Welcome you to Team Rejoice.

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    Dr. Shankar Sawant

    (M.B.B.S & M.D. Dermatology, Gold Medalist)

    Dr. Shankar Sawant- Founder of Rejoice, has great passion for hair transplant. Trained in Korea and has done more than 1500 hair transplant.

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    Dr. Kiran Sawant

    (M.D.S F.H.T)

    Dr. Kiran Sawant- A perfectionist by nature, very hard working, very innovative. Dr Kiran always provide his best, whether it's a good case or difficult case. He has done more than 500 hair transplant.

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    Dr. Kumud More

    Dermatologist, MBBS, DVD

    300 hair transplant 17 years of experience in dermato- cosmatology

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Truth be told.

Without hair, clothing and accessories are of no use.

We remove this dent of hair loss and baldness from your appearance.

We are Rejoice™.


wherever the art of medicine is loved,

there is also a loved of


- hippocrates (400BC, Greece)

Dr. Shankar Sawant, when he founded Rejoice™ had only one thing in mind. He wanted to provide world-class services of hair transplant in India. And since 2002, we’ve been helping people fight hair loss and baldness.

Team Rejoice™ is one of the best hair transplant teams in India. Our experienced doctors led by Dr. Shankar Sawant are experts in their respective domains. They are humble and passionate about serving people.

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity. -


Dr. Shankar Sawant had his training from South Korea. After training, he returned to India and founded Rejoice™. He was the first well-known figure in the hair transplant scene in India. He built his team around his principles of humility and compassion.

All our doctors have gone through rigorous medical training. Our docs keep themselves updated with the international best practices. You can feel the international standards from the moment you step into our clinic. From time to time, our docs collaborate with world famous hair transplant surgeons.

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Our - Goal

We want you to stop living in fear and embarrassment. We want to put an end to hair loss and baldness. You are one beautiful human being. We bring your beauty back to you.

  • 2500 Hair Transplants
  • 5 Million Grafts

This is Rejoice™. Your partner in hair care.

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